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CAC Printing Press

Pastor S. O. Oladele

The press was established in 1968 and commenced operations in 1970 majorly for publishing of the church publications and other related publications to support the growth of the gospel.

The board of directors consist of church members (pastors, elders, deaconesses) who are appointed by the church authority. Presently, Pastor Sola Ajidagba is the chairman of this board.

Its publications include:

  1. Biannual Sunday Schools (Yoruba, English, French).
  2. Biannual Daily Devotional (Yoruba and English).
  3. Annual General Council Reports.
  4. Conference Programs (pastors’, ministers wives’, good women, CACMA, youth).
  5. Registers, Receipts, Bulletins, Certificates.

Also, its machineries include:

  • Speed Master Perfecting Machine.
  • Sord Z (Two Colour).
  • Sord (One Colour).
  • Kord Machines.
  • Folding Machines.
  • Sewing Machines.
  • Laminating Machine.
  • Punching Machine.
  • Foiling Machine.
  • Wholenberg Cutting Machine.
  • Heidelberg Cutting Machine.
  • Digital Machine.
  • Binding Machine.
  • Plate Making Machine.
  • 2 Graphic Computer Systems.

Our production materials are sourced locally at the lowest available prices.

There is a plan to establish an Annex at Ibadan to ameliorate space challenge at our present location.

Our staff strength is 28 while there are about 32 casual workers and 4 apprentices.


Our turnover in the last four years is as follows:

  • 2015 – (N146,732,525).
  • 2016 – (N178,976,100).
  • 2017 – (N208,553,065).
  • 2018 – (N215,013,030).

Moreover, profit recorded by the CAC printing press in 2017 was N24,627,635 and an improved profit of N42,855,658 in 2018.

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