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Many members in Christ Apostolic Church know little about this great CAC men’s association. As such, it is quite unfortunate that they do not know much about the association.

Altogether, the history of Christ Apostolic Church Men’s Association (CACMA) is hereby narrated for the benefit of all CACMA members and others. For example, especially all married men and all male ministers in Christ Apostolic Church. Ultimately, this will bring them to the knowledge of the association. Firstly, the purpose and good intention of our forefathers was to raise up the hands of Moses in CAC (Exodus 17:8-13). Secondly, to act like the church in Antioch (Acts 13:1-5).

Immediately after the revival at Oke Ooye, the church started to spread widely all over the country. The problems of ministers to work in the church planted became more apparent. In the early stages, our founding fathers used to put people who are interested in God’s work under a senior pastor. He trains them as students for a period of three to six months. Afterwards, they could be posted to assume duties in churches. In previous years, such students were called tuule in Yoruba. It literally translates to learners who are to weed their master’s farm. They also carry the boxes of our forefathers.  At times, they were called half leaders and after the completion of their studentship course, they will be called leaders.

Therefore, the church continues to grow in number and knowledge also increased. The establishment of a standard bible training college became necessary. This provided a uniform training for the church ministers. So, the school of prophets and evangelists was established at Ilesa in 1949. Thereafter, CAC Bible Training College was established at Ede in 1952. Under the leadership of Pastor D.O. Odubanjo. Lectures commenced immediately and all other methods of teaching (three to six month training) ceased. The only exception left were those following our forefathers, especially Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

As soon as school took off, the question comes begging – how do they cater for the staff and students? Subsequently, church leaders brought an idea to mobilise men in the church to contribute money to run the school’s affairs. They brought together all married men in the name Christ apostolic Church Men Association (CACMA). Thereafter, it was charged with the responsibility of contributing one shilling per person per month in each assembly. This was done at the end of each month.  for the feeding of students and remuneration of the staff. The money was usually sent to the missionary headquarters at Ibadan for disbursement to the schools. When the schools were brought together to establish CAC Theological Seminary at Ile Ife, CACMA still continued catering for it. For example, a gigantic hostel was built, completed, and dedicated for the use of the students in 2005. From then, the four phases of fencing the seminary compound was embarked upon and completed except the riverine side. Other achievements of CACMA were the establishment of CAC printing press at Agege, Lagos. Moreover, the bookshop at Akure was due to the efforts of the association. The press had grown to an enviable standard but the bookshop could not improve due to staff mismanagement.

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News and Events
CAC History

Past Officers

  1. Pastor P.O. Bandele, Chairman.
  2. Pastor J.A. Babatope, Vice Chairman.
  3. Late Pastor S.O. Oluwatusin, Vice Chairman.
  4. Late Pastor G.A. Alokan Auditor, Vice Chairman, and Chairman.
  5. Pastor L.O. Oluwaniyi Asaaju, Vice Chairman.
  6. Late Pastor S.A. Babatunde, Secretary.
  7. Late Pastor (Professor) L.O. Olajuyin, Secretary.
  8. Elder G.A. Adesoji, Assistant Secretary, Auditor, and Treasurer.
  9. Late Pastor J.A. Adeyoju, Assistant Secretary.
  10. Late Pastor K. Oloriegbe-Ojo, P.R.O.
  11. Elder Pa D.O. Makanjuola, Treasurer.
  12. Late Elder E.A. Olayinka, Treasurer.
  13. Elder B.O. Adediran, Treasurer.
  14. Late Pastor I.O. Olorunfemi, Vice Chairman.
  15. Late Elder M.O. Oluwatusi, Treasurer.
  16. Pastor Tola Degun, Auditor.
  17. Pastor J.A. Olabode, National Publicity Secretary.
  18. Late Pastor J.A. Olalekan, Building Committee Chairman.
  19. Elder E.A. Fadahunsi, P.R.O.
  20. Pastor S.F. Obisesan, CACMA Choir Master.
  21. Elder Alade, Assistant Secretary.

Officers That Have Also Worked For The Association In The Past

  1. Late Pastor Baba Mala.
  2. Late Pastor J.O. Olowookere.
  3. Pastor Ayo Adeyemi.
  4. Elder Olowokere, M.
  5. Elder Arewa from Kaduna.
  6. Late Pastor Oluwamuyiwa.
  7. Late Elder Ibitoye from Kwara/Kogi.
  8. Pastor Aigbokhai.
  9. Pastor Maichibi.
  10. Pastor Babade.
  11. Pastor Ayuba.
  12. Elder Eegunlade.
  13. Pastor Manghai.
  14. Pastor E.E. Mapur.
  15. Elder Agun.
  16. Pastor Engineer Bode Adewole.
  17. Late Elder S.A. Kehinde.
  18. Late Pastor (Professor) S.O. Olorunfemi.
  19. Pastor A.O. Aderibigbe.
  20. Elder S.R. Owoeye.
  21. Elder O. Ajayi.

Those Still Working For The Progress Of The Association

  1. Pastor Caleb, Kano.
  2. Pastor Adebisi, Abuja.
  3. Pastor Aigbose, Abuja.
  4. Elder James, Yola.
  5. Elder Haruna Lugbhui, Yola.
  6. Pastor Udo Uyo, Efik land.
  7. Pastor Adeyemi, Maiduguri.
  8. Pastor Godwin Eze, Enugu.
  9. Pastor Braimah, Port Harcourt.
  10. Pastor Asojo, Kaduna.

Maiden Officers

  1. Late Pastor A.A. Hanson.
  2. Late Pastor I.D. Olutimilehin.
  3. Late Pastor A.O. Olutimehin.
  4. Late J.A. Adedeji.
  5. Late Pastor D.I. Ojo.
  6. Late Pastor Adegbegi.
  7. Pastor Bamidele.
  8. Mr. Alabi from Akure.
  9. Late Pastor S.A. Babatunde.

Pastor Bamidele served as secretary to late J.A Adedeji, late Pastor D.I Ojo, and late Pastor Adegbagi. In the same way, late Elder B.O. Makanjuola who was the patron of Christ Apostolic Church, Latona Osogbo also served as CACMA treasurer for thirty four years before retiring in 1994.

Current Commitment

The association has embarked on a very big ultramodern student hostel for the past four years which has reached darkening stage consuming about N6million Naira. On completion, it will accommodate about five hundred students. Also, a price of land has been given to CACMA at Ikorodu in Lagos State. It has been fenced and ready for occupation. Furthermore, men association respired grace from our fathers when a piece of land was allocated to us at Ikeji Arakeji for building project. We thank God that the foundation of an ultramodern CACMA guest house was laid on Friday 17 August, 2018 at CAC Babalola International Miracle Centre, Ikeji Arakeji.

CACMA Membership

Since its inception, the authorities and the elders of Christ Apostolic Church have resolved that the eligible and accredited member of the association should be all CAC male minsters and all married men.

CACMA Golden Jubilee

In 2002, CACMA celebrated its golden jubilee and the programme took place at CAC Babalola International Miracle Camp, Ikeji Arakeji with 18 members as planners and a big success was recorded.

Current Officers

  1. Pastor D.I.O. Edoh, Chairman.
  2. Pastor L.O. Akinloye, Vice-Chairman.
  3. Pastor S.O. Agboola, Secretary.
  4. Elder E.O. Oladimeji, Treasurer.
  5. Pastor Bayo Oladosu, Financial Secretary.
  6. Pastor Y.S. Onikola, Assistant Secretary.
  7. Pastor D.O. Aterogho, Assistant Secretary II.
  8. Evangelist P. Jolaoluwa, P.R.O. I.
  9. Elder A.S. Ogunlade, P.R.O II.
  10. Elder M.L. Adewuyi, Auditor.

Current Conference Planning Committee Members

  1. Pastor D.I.O. Edoh, Chairman.
  2. Pastor Bayo Oladosu, Member.
  3. Pastor S.B. Popoola, Member.
  4. Pastor J.A. Awowale, Member.
  5. Pastor J.O.O. Taiwo, Member.
  6. Evangelist P. Jolaoluwa, Member.
  7. Pastor R.A. Ibikunle, Member.
  8. Pastor Y.S. Onikola, Member.
  9. Pastor G.F. Dairo, Member.
  10. Pastor P.S. Modupe, Member.
  11. Elder E.O. Oladimeji, Member.
  12. Elder A.S. Ogunlade, Member.
  13. Pastor D.O. Aterogho, Member.
  14. Pastor P.O. Oke, Member.
  15. Pastor J.A. Ayedun, Member.
  16. Pastor S.O. Agboola, Member & Secretary.

Current Building Committee Members

  1. Pastor D.I.O. Edoh, Chairman.
  2. Pastor Bayo Oladosu, Member.
  3. Pastor S. Oyebowale, Member.
  4. Elder Z.A. Oyewale, Member.
  5. Elder E.O. Oladimeji, Member.
  6. Pastor S.O. Agboola, Member & Secretary.

Although CAC men’s association (CACMA) had been established at the national level in 1952 and the need for its introduction in the defunct section C stemmed from the late 1960s, it was only in the late 1980s that it was given serious consideration in the upper Benue regions. The first branch took off in Jimeta, Yola in the early 1990s where Elder Damien B. Dati served as the first leader and later as the first zonal/DCC chairman.

Among others, CACMA was established to mobilise married men into a formidable fellowship to play their part as mature, purposeful people and to render organised assistance in the development of the church in every facet. The activities of the association included prayer meetings, bible studies, seminars and workshops on topics such as the ideal husband, fatherhood, home, financial management, economic self-empowerment, fundraising.

The growth of CACMA in the upper Benue regions, however, had been very slow. Many assemblies, till today (2014) have found it very difficult to effectively take off though the association had been active at district, zonal, DCC levels where annual conferences were held. In recent years, CACMA branch at Dwam Pare in Dwam zone had been performing impressively and appeared to be ahead of all others in the region. The leadership of CACMA as at 2014 was as follows:

  • Yola DCC – Pastor Damien B. Dati.
  • Numan Zone – Pastor Hosea Leno.
  • Dwam Zone – Elder Haruna Lugyir.
  • Lamurde Zone – Siman Bello.
  • Jalingo Zone – Pastor Zakariya Apollos.