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ICT Department

Pastor S. O. Oladele

The history of ICT Department of Christ Apostolic Church General Secretariat dates back to 2003 when Pastor Israel Akinlawon assumed duty as overseas desk officer, the position he used in communicating and liaising with Christ Apostolic Churches overseas to bridge the communication gap that existed between them and the general secretariat.

The ICT department is the easiest and broadest means of communication to any part of the world and led the department to create its first email address christapostolicchurchnig@yahoo.com which is still being maintained till today along with other supplementary email addresses we have presently. The overseas desk officer used to go to cybercafes to browse in order to send emails overseas and this necessitated the need for internet facilities in the department office. Dial-up access, which was expensive to maintain because of its huge telephone bills from NITEL was initially used as means of internet access. The huge NITEL bill was unbearable and this made Pastor Israel Akinlawon approach SCANNET, an internet service provider in Ibadan, in 2006 to provide internet to the office on monthly subscription basis. Also in 2003, Pastor Israel Akinlawon made a move for Christ Apostolic Church to have an official website and as he proposed it to the management, he was told that a certain website had been launched in the United States of America by the then president, Pastor E.H.L. Olusheye. Pastor Akinlawon was co-opted into the committee of the website working together with the web developer, Pastor Abi Olowe who was based in United States of America and the then Christ Apostolic Church North America publicity secretary, Pastor Olubodun Folayan. Pastor Israel Akinlawon volunteered to be updating the website from Nigeria even though he was not officially appointed for the task. This was made easier with access to internet facility in the department office.

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ICT Department

In 2004, Pastor Israel Akinlawon volunteered to use his computer literacy skills, being a Computer Science graduate, to design a database for pastors’ register.

In 2008, the ICT officer facilitated the configuration of local area networking (LAN) of the entire Christ Apostolic Church General Secretariat to enable file sharing on the network. This made it possible for staff to share the internet facility as well with the help of a VSAT dish. The entire finance department is segmented as a security measure for finance department’s restricted records.

In 2010, there was need for the establishment of ICT department to enhance regular updating of the website. This led to the eventual creation of the ICT department in October 2010 and the appointment of Pastor Israel Akinlawon as the pioneer ICT officer.

It was later discovered that CAC official website that was launched in the United States of America in 2003 was not enjoying the autonomy it deserved and that it was too static. Hence, the need for designing a new and dynamic website arose. This was designed and launched in 2014 and has the following features: news and events page, bulk SMS, links to other CAC websites owned by assemblies, zones and DCCs, live streaming, and many more. Again, the management saw the need to revamp the website in 2020 and came up with the present one with an adjusted domain: https://christapostolicchurch.org.ng.

ICT Department Units

The ICT department has the following units with the following structure:

1. Database.

2. Systems Analysis.

3. Network.

4. Website.

5. Maintenance Workshop.

ICT Department Development

The ICT department has made the following progressive innovations since its creation:

  • Christ Apostolic Church now has a dynamic official website with interesting features.
  • As against only three computer systems in the whole CAC General Secretariat in 2003, all other departments are now computerised.
  • Finance department network has been configured and segmented.
  • Circulars and official information are now sent to recipients or beneficiaries by ICT department with bulk SMS since 2012.
  • All church programmes are now live-streamed to the whole world.
  • CAC mobile app has been launched by ICT department to market Sunday School and Living Water Daily Devotional pamphlets online.
  • CAC caller tune (Jesu olomi iye) is now available for subscription on MTN and Airtel networks.
  • Pastors’ database designed in 2004 has been upgraded.
  • In-service computer training for staff, especially computer users.
  • CUG (closed user group) prayer network for members is in the pipeline and would be launched soon.