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Sales Department

Pastor S. O. Oladele

The establishment of the Sales Department in Christ Apostolic Church is as old as the church.  This is because the church has been making available the necessary publications needed by ministers of God and members for growth and development of the church.

The current sales department started then as a bookshop some years back in Akure, Ondo State with Mr. Obasoro Vincent Dada. The expansion of the church then called for the movement of the bookshop to the 1st CAC general secretariat at Yemetu, Ibadan where the seat of the 1st President of CAC was. The bookshop was later moved to CAC Aperin, Oniyere in Ibadan as the church later expanded in 1980 and was thereafter moved down to CAC general secretariat Anlugbua, Basorun, Ibadan on further expansion and growth of the church in the year 2003.

At Aperin, Oniyere and before the upgrading to a department, the bookshop was being efficiently managed by late Pastor Mopesola S.A. who handled the sales while Pastor Toluwase P.O. was the first and the current store keeper.

The new expansion and the tremendous growth of the church coupled with the large volume of the church publications and other materials needed by the church members worldwide necessitated the upgrading of the church bookshop to a department by the church authorities on 1 April 2010.

The upgrading had led to efficient monitoring and distribution of the publications and the materials both in Nigeria and overseas. In addition, the establishment of the department in the church has now given room for mass productions in thousands. For instance, the 2019  January to July editions of Sunday school pamphlets (readers’, teachers’ manual and children pamphlets) sold was 700,000 copies.

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Products Sold

The products sold by the department are as follows:

  1. CAC Gospel Hymn Books – Yoruba, English and combined Yoruba and English versions.
  2. Preachers’ Book.
  3. Visitors’ Book.
  4. Order of Service.
  5. CAC Almanac (Calendar).
  6. Holy Communion Wine.
  7. Holy Communion Wafer.
  8. Baptismal Card.
  9. Birth Certificate.
  10. Marriage Register.
  11. New Year Prayer Pamphlet.
  12. Elder’s License.
  13. Deaconess’ License.
  14. Parents Day Pamphlet.
  15. CAC Daily Devotional Guide (Living Water and Omi Iye) – English and Yoruba versions.
  16. Financial Manual.
  17. Church Membership Register.
  18. Baptized Members Register.
  19. Death Register.
  20. Birth Register.
  21. Holy Communion Register.
  22. Midwives License.
  23. CAC Constitution.
  24. Church Income Diary.
  25. Ministers’ Tithe Booklet.
  26. Seed of Blessing Register.
  27. Missionary Fund Booklet.
  28. Lady Evangelist’s License.
  29. Pastor’s License.
  30. Holy Bible.
  31. CAC Sunday School (Yoruba and English) reader.
  32. CAC Sunday School Manual (Yoruba and English).
  33. Children Sunday School.
  34. French Sunday School Pamphlets.
  35. Efik Sunday School.
  36. TIV Sunday School.
  37. Igbo Sunday School.
  38. Hausa Sunday School
  39. Christian Literatures (written by different authors).


The CAC bookshop has achieved the following since the upgrading to a fully fledged department on 1 April, 2010:

  1. Sales of CAC combined hymn book.
  2. Sales of holy communion wafer which is more hygienic.
  3. Introduction of seed of blessing register.
  4. CAC almanac of 1 page was changed to 12 page calendar in collaboration with the Publicity Department.
  5. CAC diary was upgraded to international standard in conjunction with Publicity Department.
  6. CAC bold calendar was introduced as a Christmas gift to all serving zonal/DCC superintendents.
  7. Sales of CAC daily devotional guide (Living Water/Omi Iye).
  8. Sales of French and Tiv versions of Sunday school pamphlets.
  9. Establishment of distribution points at the following towns and cities: Edo/Delta, Kwara/Kogi (Ilorin, Odo-Owa), Ogbomoso, Benin and Abuja (CAC Yanyan) respectively.

Motives Of The Establishment

The sale department of the church was established by the church authority to make available church publications for ministers of God and the church members as well. The establishment of the department has given direct access to the publication whenever it is needed by members of the church in Nigeria and abroad. The department is well established to make original publications/materials accessible and available to members rather than getting the pirated copies of the publications/materials that lack quality and durability.

Heads Of Department

Pastor M.A. Adesanmi served briefly as the first manager of the department before being transferred to the field and he is currently a zonal superintendent in Ogun State. Not quite long to his transfer, was the appointment of Pastor E.O. Adeniyi as the first marketing officer on 1 April, 2010 up till date.

Staff Strength

The staff strength of the Sales Department is 9. Their names are as follows:

  1. Pastor E.O. Adeniyi (Head of Department).
  2. Pastor P.O. Toluwase.
  3. Miss R.A. Oisaghe.
  4. Mr. T. Bakare.
  5. Mrs. O.O. Fasae.
  6. Mr. Kayode Ogunyemi.
  7. Mr. Ogbu Sunday.
  8. Mr. Durodola Emmanuel.
  9. Pastor R.A. Olonare.

Mobility or Delivery Trucks

There are two trucks currently available for conveyance of publications around Nigeria.


The main challenge facing the department is that the distribution network is not strong enough despite all efforts put into it. For instance, there are few distribution centres such as Akure, Ado-Ekiti, Osogbo and Abuja whereas there is none in the far north and the eastern part of Nigeria, that is Kano, Sokoto, Port Harcourt, Calabar, to mention a few. This inadequacy does not give easy accessibility to our publications at the far end of north and east. Also, there has not been solid arrangement for the distribution of CAC publications overseas.