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The profiles of our current leaders at Christ Apostolic Church can be described as that which boasts of vast experience. Our leaders are well seasoned and adequately trained in some of the best seminaries and theologies around the world

Pastor C.S. Fasuyi

Missions Director, Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria And Overseas

Pastor C.S. Fasuyi


Human Development (Training)

Mark 3:14 says that Jesus appointed the twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.

From Luke 6:12 to chapter 8, the appointed were with Jesus before they were sent out to preach in chapter 9.

Like Jesus Christ our Lord, it is our desire to equip our Pastors for the work of the ministry, through structured, result-oriented and continuous spiritual and secular trainings for global impact. The needs of the contemporary church are such that require ministers of God to pick certain skills and competencies to meet them.

It is obvious that many of our Pastors cannot efficiently and effectively handle Church programmes and order of service having not been thoroughly trained before they were ordained.

In the words of a respected retired father “they had been ordained in advance and must be trained in arrears”.

Very soon, we shall come up with the timetable on how the training programme will be run, cutting across all the strata of the Church.


We are quite certain that every true Christ Apostolic is not only embarrassed but also tired of the in-crisis of C.A.C. Those who are privy to the onset of the crisis will agree that its original elements are either no longer existent or now within our powers to address. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to ensure its prompt and permanent resolution.

We shall no longer expend precious human and material resources to stir the embers of the crisis while our core mandate – the Great Commission – is being impeded. I can assure you that we have made tremendous progress in the reconciliation process and hope that with prayer and some measure of sincerity the crisis will soon be a thing of the past.

We commend the efforts of those who have played one role or another in rebuilding the breached wall of C.A.C. and pray that the Lord will remember you for good, in Jesus’ name.

Evangelism/Church Growth

The word of Jesus Christ, our Lord, remains true that, “the harvest is ripe while the labourers are few”. Luke 10:2.

The needs of the world are quite enormous but the Church is able, by the Grace of God to meet them. We shall pursue a structured pattern of Church growth whose outcome can be measured, evaluated and replicated. Therefore, we seek your co-operation in planting more churches at your district level. This may form part of the metrics for appraisal of our ministers consequently, among others.

Christ-Centred Leadership

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Pastor C.S. Fasuyi